About Us

Serving Glen Ellyn and Dupage County

Centrally located in downtown Glen Ellyn, we are a collection of mental health professionals, therapists, counselors and psychologists. Our practice began as a friendship and has continued to grow as we have built associations with highly competent, seasoned and relationally oriented therapists.

We have become a vibrant collective with a broad base of clinical expertise. However, we remain small enough to be accessible and responsive to each individual we support. Our practice is effective, innovative and totally down to earth.

The client and our relationship with them is the central focus of treatment. At A&A, our clinical expertise and relational approach work in harmony to provide an ideal foundation for personal growth.

The ability to enter into and understand another’s experience is the foundation of all effective therapeutic process. Empathy is a therapist’s primary instrument.

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Our Approach

As a group, and as individual therapists, we work hard to be the best at what we do. This means focusing time, energy and resources on developing our skill sets, knowledge base and ourselves. While we depend heavily on our training and skill, we believe it is the relationship between the therapist and client that drives successful outcomes. When we join together with our clients in the therapeutic process, we expect a genuine connection to emerge. It is this connection that makes exploration and growth possible.


These are the core therapeutic values that we embrace:

1. Authenticity
We seek to be genuine in our work with others. Building an effective therapeutic alliance involves developing a sense of trust and rapport between clinician and client. A therapist’s ability to be honest and consistently authentic contributes greatly to this process of rapport building. Carl Rogers called this trait “congruence”, and he identified it as one of the most important attributes a therapist can possess.

2. Empathy
The ability to enter into and understand another’s experience is the foundation of all effective therapeutic process. Empathy is a therapist’s primary instrument. We clarify and nuance complex emotional experience with this tool. We also use it to inform and tune even the most basic of behavioral interventions. As clinicians, it is imperative that we understand and are accurately attuned to our client’s experience. This is always the first goal of every therapeutic hour.

3. Understanding and Integrating Affect
From the fourth grader struggling to manage his impulsivity and boredom, to the forty year old who can’t understand why she feels so anxious and depleted, most of our “problems in living” have their roots in our inability to regulate and/or integrate affective experience. Our emotions are like a compass designed to help us navigate the world. One of our strengths here at Alcorn & Allison is helping people attend to, make sense out of, and utilize their emotions.

Meet the Founders

Alcorn & Allison Clinical Associates was originally a collaboration between two friends. Chad Alcorn and Seth Allison met in 2002 over coffee in downtown Wheaton. The conversation quickly turned from the practice of psychology to shared interests in music, sports, faith, and clinical theory. By the end of the dialogue that day, Chad and Seth had begun exploring the idea of starting a practice that would integrate their common values and interests.

The following year, both participated in a post graduate certificate program at the Center for Religion and Psychotherapy in Chicago—a program tailored towards the integration of psychodynamic psychology with religion. Through their respective practices, Chad and Seth examined the integration of various theories and modalities, refining their approaches to psychotherapy. A mutual vision continued to emerge while ideas were shared in between blues sets and basketball games. After several years of ongoing debate and dialogue, they agreed that with a deepening sense of connection to the community, a tested level of clinical competency, and the support of family, friends and colleagues, it was time to move forward.

Alcorn & Allison Clinical Associates LLC opened its doors in October of 2006. The office, perched on the Northwest corner of Main St. and Crescent Blvd, looked south, over downtown Glen Ellyn. The space was warm and welcoming and in lieu of having their own band, Chad and Seth made sure the walls were decorated with album covers and the waiting room had a good stereo.

As the practice began to thrive, they sought to build associations with highly competent, seasoned, and relationally oriented therapists with diverse backgrounds and specialties. By partnering with a few uniquely gifted clinicians, A&A has become a vibrant group practice with a broad base of clinical experience that is still small enough to be accessible and responsive to the community it serves… and they have a kicking record collection.

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