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Our Address

We are centrally located in downtown Glen Ellyn, just north of the tracks, on the corner of Crescent & Main. You’ll find our front door on the west side of Main street. You can travel by elevator or stairs to the second floor, where you’ll find our suite marked with our name. Inside you’ll find a waiting room where you can take a moment to relax until your counselor comes to greet you.

Contact Info

Do you already know which therapist you’d like to see? You may call or email them directly at 630-469-4699 and dial the proper extension.

Dr. Chad Alcorn, Psy.D

  • 630-469-4699 x702

Seth Allison, MA, LCPC

  • 630-469-4699 x701

Jennifer Arnold, MS, LMFT

  • 630-469-4699

Susan Botts, MA ALMFT

  • 630-469-4699 x712

Becky Conway, MA, LCSW

  • 630-469-4699 x703

Leslie Duff, MSW, LCSW

  • 630-469-4699 x704

Stephanie Marquart, MA, LCPC, RPT

  • 630-469-4699 x705

Jenny Gresko, MA, M.Div, LCPC

  • 630-469-4699 x706

Steve Howell, MA, LCPC

  • 630-469-4699 x707

Joel Marquart, MA, LPC

  • 630-469-4699 x708

Gina Ruane, LCSW

  • 630-469-4699 x709

Margie Skowron-Sieka

  • 630-469-4699 x710

Dave Taylor, MA, ALMFT

  • 630-469-4699 x711

Office Manager: Leslie Penley

  • 630-469-4699 x700

Fax Number:

  • 630-469-4911