About Andrea

Andrea Burkly, MA, LPC, received her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Wheaton College, and is working towards the Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) designation under the supervision of Seth Allison, MA, LCPC. Andrea completed her clinical training at Outreach Community Counseling Center, where she gained experience working with a group of individuals and couples with backgrounds as diverse as the concerns they brought to the counseling room.

In the years before she pursued her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Andrea gained professional experience in public accounting and pharmaceutical sales, and life experience as a stay-at-home-mom of four children (the most challenging job of them all, by far!). It was her own experience of working with a counselor – first through the trial of postpartum depression, and then through the day-to-day challenges of modern womanhood – that reignited Andrea’s desire to turn her personal passion for wellness into a full-time career. Andrea specializes in working with women as they face some of the biggest challenges of their lives: marriage, divorce, and dating and remarriage; the birth of children, postpartum adjustment and mood disorders; parenting intact and “blended” families; work; loss (and rebuilding) of identity; managing extended family relationships; and the stress, anxiety, and depression that often accompanies these challenges.

In working with individuals, Andrea discovered time and again that many “problems in living” for adults both impact and are impacted by our most intimate partnerships. Therefore, she currently devotes a significant portion of her practice to working with couples, utilizing Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) to help couples to develop a deep and lasting emotional connection. Whether worn down by patterns of engagement that leave both partners feeling disconnected, alone, and misunderstood; longing to recover a sense of identity as a couple after years of being parents or feeling like roommates; or dealing with a specific event such as a significant life transition, infidelity, health concerns, or loss; couples can develop a new and satisfying way of relating to one another through the experience of EFT.

Andrea grew up in Wheaton and left at 18, vowing never to return… and she currently resides in Wheaton with her husband and four young children. She understands in a visceral way that life takes unexpected turns, believes that God has a sense of humor, and has sworn to never say never again. When she’s not counseling, she makes time to sing in a local cover band, “run” (slow jog), cook meals her children don’t appreciate, read, attempt far too many home improvement projects, and go out with her husband and friends. She also makes time to watch trash tv and nap. Just keeping it real.

Andrea’s Approach to Therapy

Working with Individuals

I believe that the relationship that I develop with you, as my client, is the foundation of good therapy. From the first session, my goal is to create a space where you feel safe to be who you are, and safe to be struggling with whatever it is that brought you in. You will find me to be warm, empathetic, and accepting; nothing you say will shock or surprise me, and my office is a 100% judgment-free zone. Over time, the authentic connection that we build will allow you to take steps towards health and wellness.

With that said, good therapy is so much more than a healthy relationship. I know that when you take the brave step to reach out for help, you expect to work with someone who knows their stuff. That is why you will find me regularly attending advanced trainings, collaborating with experienced colleagues, listening to podcasts, reading books on theory and therapy, and generally geeking out about what I’m learning. I can’t help it… I find human beings – our minds, bodies, and emotions; our relationships and attachments; our struggles and successes – to be endlessly fascinating!

Working with Couples

There are many approaches to couple’s therapy, and not all of them are created equal. I practice EFT for a number of reasons: EFT has 20 years of outcome and process research to draw from; it is grounded in a clear theoretical base; and it has been empirically validated with both general and specific populations. In short, EFT has helped many couples develop a more satisfying way of relating to one another, and it is my sincere hope that it will do the same for you.

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