About Jenny

Jenny grew up in New England and attended Wheaton College studying theology, psychology and art. Upon graduation she co-founded an intentional community in a poor neighborhood in Chicago which sustains a vital spiritual and social justice presence to this day. While living in community she earned her Master of Divinity from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston choosing this seminary because of its rich and diverse theological perspectives and because she could bike there from home. She earned her second graduate degree, a Masters in Counseling Psychology, after spending her own time as a client in therapy and finding incredible help and value in that work. She attended the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco and interned at Haight-Ashbury Psychological Services where in addition to seeing clients she coordinated community projects such as emergency help to local residents when a fire leveled a portion of the neighborhood. Jenny returned to this area and has been in private practice for twenty years.

Jenny lives with her husband, Tom, who is a psychologist, in Wayne. Her son, Andrew, is studying architecture in college and she has two adult step children and two step grandchildren. When she is not in the office, Jenny is probably working on her organic farm in Geneva. A sometimes painter and writer, she is very interested in agriculture reform and bringing safe, humane, wonderful, local food back to our tables again. While she was the girl in school who was “afraid of the ball” -she will hike, paddle, peddle, shovel or swim all day if the scenery is lovely. Jenny traveled to Uganda to teach and work as a trauma therapist but found her audience equally interested in her farming capabilities. She is working to establish a trauma training center to serve refugees along the Congolese border. She also teaches and sponsors conferences to enrich the clinical community. She reads a poem a day and many books at a time.

Jenny’s Approach to Therapy

Specializing in trauma, Jenny is certified in EMDR and trained as an Internal Family Systems therapist. She teaches, consults and trains other therapists in this modality and integrates experiential therapies with relational work, attachment and develop-mental theory and a strong appreciation for the cultural and familial factors that influence how we operate and feel. Seeking solutions, healing and real change Jenny considers lifestyle factors and integrates alternative medicine interventions when physiology has been disrupted by emotional suffering. She works with adults, couples, families and children. She considers her professional work to be the backbone of her spiritual life and attempts to meet each client with respect, compassion and attunement.

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