About Leslie

Leslie Duff, MSW, LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker. She received her undergraduate degree from Purdue University and went on to earn her masters degree in social work from Loyola University Chicago in 2009. During her clinical training, Leslie specialized in work with adolescent females and the complex challenges they face.

For the next 3 years, Leslie honed her clinical skills in community mental health and residential treatment programs concentrating in trauma and attachment disorders. During this time, she deepened her ability to work not only with her clients, but also with their families as they struggled to help their children.

Leslie now focuses her clinical expertise on the unique struggles that adolescents and their families face as they navigate an increasingly complex world. She is particularly passionate about her work with adolescent females. Leslie has expertise in treating depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-harming behavior, substance abuse, traumatic experiences, life transition issues, grief and loss, family conflict, and self-esteem concerns.

Leslie resides in Glen Ellyn with her husband, Nathan, and their daughter, Layla.

Leslie’s Approach to Therapy

Navigating our struggles alone can make the strongest of us weary. I warmly acknowledge and appreciate those who take the courageous step toward self-improvement through the therapeutic process. I am particularly grateful to the parent who helps find their child a therapeutic guide in order to alleviate their stress and ultimately improve the family system as a whole.

The core of my work is to always find a connection; a common, non-judgmental ground in which we can safely explore thoughts, feelings and ideas – the parts of us that are otherwise hidden and protected. This is an exceptionally significant process for adolescents. At such a vital age of self-development, the emotional road can get bumpy and conflict at home may become quite complex. Joining the family in this struggle is my goal, unraveling the complex knots and paving the way toward enhanced well-being of the child and family unit is the pleasure of my work.

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